Women Techmakers & GDG Boulder Lightening Talks

National Women’s Day GDG WTM Lightening Talks

To celebrate International Women’s Day, GDG Boulder organized a lightning talk night featuring women techmakers from the community. Each talk was 5 to 10 minutes long, covering a variety of topics.

While all the speakers were women, everyone was invited to attend.

Event hashtag: #WTMBoulder #WTM16


Sepideh Miller (@sepzilla)
Open Source Cartography

Jennifer Bailey (@profcodegirl)
You Might Be a Programmer If…

Katie Dunn (@katie_dunn)
Debugging Techniques

Shannon Sandidge (@SandidgeShannon)
Innovation – One woman’s contribution

Teresa Tarn (@tarnelope)
The Best Onboarding Gift

Lisa White (@elemdoubleu)
Engineering Philosophies for Maintainable Systems

Brenda Cook (@kenodoggy)
What I Wish I Knew Then – Advice and tips I’d give to my younger self

Bonnie Smalley (@bonniezilla)
Stories from the Twitter customer service frontlines

Slides: http://bit.ly/1TWYZGq
Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjkBbfqbfeQZlDx-0Dj9k3-U7-eXz6H53

Here are the lightning talks from last year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5G6jqMcASs8&list=PLjkBbfqbfeQYGm77YtcgK6HlOIENX6Ph9